Your Partner In Commercial Solar

Soorya, meaning SUN, harnesses the abundance of energy from the sun to generate affordable Electricity for your business.

With a goal of providing alternative energy solutions to both commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations by harnessing the power of the sun, Soorya Unlimited was established in 2010 as a turnkey solution provider for Solar System installations across the US. Soorya Unlimited comprises a team of Electrical Engineers and Management Professionals with combined experience of over 50 years in the industry.

Soorya Unlimited (SUL) is a developer of commercial energy projects. We are focused on building new energy projects where renewable energy policies are favorable and where the public and private sectors are actively seeking to incorporate a energy system into their electric load profiles.

Soorya Unlimited believes we are part of a paradigm shift that is propelling the world towards clean, green, renewable energy. As a result of the continuous decrease in component costs, PV power has become competitive with grid electricity prices in an increasing number of locations that have fair solar irradiation and high and rising electricity prices.

In addition, both the public sector and private entities are increasingly setting renewable energy targets to reduce their reliance on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels. Soorya Unlimited seeks to benefit our customers from these secular trends and contribute towards building a more environmentally sustainable world.

Why Soorya

We are an honest and dependable partner for your Solar project, with only your interest in mind. What differentiates us from other solar companies is our commitment to provide the most affordable and efficient solar system by eliminating all the myths about high prices of components, labor and the high profit margins that make a solar system unviable.

We have successfully installed over 14MW of solar energy for commercial clients throughout the Southwest.

Licensed and insured by the state of California.
The PV Modules come with a 25 year power guarantee.
Affordable, quality components used to ensure no hassles for you at a low cost.
Management has 50+ years of electrical engineering and project development experience.