Our Process

We Handle Everything

At Soorya Unlimited we understand that you have a business to run. That’s why we endeavor to make each commercial solar project a “hands off” proposition for our clients. Here’s what you can expect from us.

Our Process

Analysis and Recommendations

  • We perform a thorough analysis of 12 months of your electrical usage history
  • We make a system size recommendation to maximize your savings and ROI
  • We present a detailed financial analysis of system cost, expected energy generation, payback period and ROI
  • We assist with all paperwork needed for financing and rebates
Our Process

Solar Design, Engineering and Installation

  • We conduct a preliminary site walk through to make sure you are fully comfortable with the proposed layout
  • We finalize the design and complete all engineering drawings. We also provide all the Professional Engineering certifications for structural and electrical systems and wind-load calculations, based on the requirements from the Authority Having Jurisdiction and the utility company.
  • We pull all the necessary permits and interconnection agreements from the city and power company prior to commencing the installation of the system
  • We procure all necessary components and material required for a professional installation. Installations are performed by fully licensed, insured and bonded contractors, sub-contractors and workers. Our installation crews carry liability insurance of $1,000,000 minimum to ensure protection of your assets
Our Process

Inspection, Interconnection and Monitoring

  • We obtain the final inspection from the AHJ
  • We arrange for the interconnection to be approved and completed by the utility company,

    thereby energizing the system and commissioning the power production

  • We set up internet-based monitoring of your system and provide access to you
  • We monitor the performance of your system and address any issues. All work performed by Soorya carries a workmanship guarantee of 10 years. Solar panels carry a performance warranty of 25 years. They are warranted to produce 80% of their rated performance at 25 years. Inverters carry a manufacturers warranty of 12-25 years.