Roof top Solar PV System installation near Mammoth Lakes in the town of Bishop, CA

System Size: 50 KW
Location: Bishop, CA
Estimated Simple Payback: 3.2 years
Actual Simple Payback: TBD
LCOE: 1.8 cents/KWh
Lifetime Savings: $460,000


On the way to Mammoth lakes from the LA area is a small town of Bishop nestled between The Sierras. The project was a pretty straight forward installation using ballasted racking system.

The installation was finished in 4 weeks, but then we ran into issues on several fronts. The neighboring property owner felt the equipment installed on the side wall was too close to their property line. So, we had to get a survey done to mark the property lines, and prove that it was not the case. Then while LADWP was ready to commission the system, they discovered an unused meter on the property, which was still considered active. We had to combine the main meter and this remote meter to satisfy LADWP requirement of one single meter. All this was done patiently by us, our installers climbing one hurdle after the other until we finally got the system commissioned. We even gave a significant discount to our customer because of all the delays, even though none of them were our fault.

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