Roof top Solar PV System installation for a Senior Living facility in Chino, CA

System Size: 159 KW
Location: Chino, CA
Estimated Simple Payback: 3.76 years
Actual Simple Payback: TBD
LCOE: 2.0 cents/KWh
Lifetime Savings: $1,009,000


This project comprises a combination of pitched roof areas and flat roof areas. The flat roof sections had a lot of equipment on them. We planned the preferred method of using a ballast mount racking system for the flat sections, but ultimately decided to use an attached racking for these areas as well, due to space utilization and wind load considerations.

The installation on pitched tile roof sections was challenging because of the age of the tiles. The installers ended up breaking over a 1000 tiles which were all replaced by us as part of our commitment.

We are observing the impact on energy demand at this facility for one year after commissioning, before recommending any rate schedule changes to our customer.

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