Installation of roof top solar for an Autograph Collection Marriott Resort Hotel in the beautiful town of Imperial Beach.

System Size: 128 KW
Location: Imperial Beach, CA
Estimated Simple Payback: 3.8 years
Actual Simple Payback: TBD
LCOE: 2.1 cents/KWh
Lifetime Savings: $750,000


We were tasked with installing Solar PV System on this Marriott Resort Hotel, an Autograph Collection property, where aesthetics and savings were both a key concern. For the high visibility roof spaces, we partnered with Onyx Solar to specially fabricate the frameless Solar Panels which came in more than 50 different shapes from Spain, in the form of a puzzle, which had to be put together on-site. For the roof top installation we used a combination of ballast mount bi-directional racking system and attached racking system to maximize the installed capacity and improved production.

During our analysis of the utility bills in the consultation phase we also recommended a switch of rate schedule, which resulted in an additional saving of $6,000 annually

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