Roof top Solar PV System installation in San Diego, CA

System Size: 112 KW
Location: San Diego, CA
Estimated Simple Payback: 3.86 years
Actual Simple Payback: 3.93
LCOE: 3.4 cents/KWh
Lifetime Savings: $847,000


A flat roof installation using 100% ballasted racking on a TPO roof. Due to Wind Load considerations, some attachments were required by the City, which was overcome by using “Stick On” attachments to the membrane of the roof, thereby avoiding any penetrations into the roof.

Our installation crews were constantly attacked by bees for the entire duration on this project, looking almost like space-walkers in their white protective suits.

Due to the location of this property, the owners wanted the inverters to be located inside the building in a safe area. We built special racking for the inverters in the middle of the electrical room to accommodate all the 12 inverters, while maintaining a 360 degree clearance per code.

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