Roof top Solar PV System installation in the town of Yuma, AZ.

System Size: 105 KW
Location: Yuma, AZ
Estimated Simple Payback: 4.6 years
Actual Simple Payback: TBD
LCOE: 1.9 cents/KWh
Lifetime Savings: $740,000


Yuma is located at the intersection of the borders of California, Arizona and Mexico. This installation is a combination of flat roof ballast mount and tiled pitched roof attached.

The owners of this boutique hotel were very particular about maximizing the energy production from the installation. Keeping in mind the target system size, we proposed a system to utilize all the flat roof area available to get the best orientation, and avail only the best possible orientations on the pitched roof sections.

The installation was finished in about 6 weeks time.

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