Our Services

We provide a fixed price Solar System installation to you at rates way below the market. We can guarantee that you cannot get a quality Solar System installed for less than our prices.



Financial Presentation

Upon receiving your inquiry and your electric bills, we present you with detailed financial models analyzing your system requirements, proposed system size, cost, payback period, and return on Investment.


We analyze your electric bills for past 12 months, and based on the production by the proposed Solar System, provide recommendations to maximize the savings and increase your ROI.


Site Acceptance

Preliminary walk through of your property to ensure that the proposed system size and location meets your approval.


Assistance with all the paperwork required to attain the required financing based on the various financial models presented to you.

Rebate Reservation

All the necessary paperwork, preparation of preliminary drawings to reserve the utility rebates offered by your utility company. Except for the necessary signatures from you, we will handle everything.


System Design and Engineering

Complete system designing, and prepare all the engineering drawings. We will also provide all the P.E. certifications for structural and electrical systems and wind-load calculations, based on the requirements from the AHJ and the utility company.


Pull all the necessary permits and interconnection agreements from the city and Utility Company prior to commencing the installation of the system


We will procure all the necessary components and material required for a professional installation. The installation will be done by fully licensed, insured and bonded contractors, sub-contractors and workers.


Our installation crew will carry a liability insurance of $1,000,000 minimum to ensure protection of your assets.

Final Inspection and Interconnection

Upon finishing the installation, we will get the final inspection done by the AHJ and arrange for the interconnection to be approved and done by the utility company, thereby energizing the system and commissioning the power production.


System Warranty

The complete system will have a workmanship guarantee for 10 years, Solar Modules and Inverters will carry manufacturers warranty for 25 years and 10 years respectively. An option to buy extended warranty on inverters at additional cost will be available.



An internet based monitoring system will be installed (high-speed internet service to be provided by you), which will enable both you and us to monitor the performance of your solar system.


For many companies, electricity accounts for a large portion of their operating expenses. Solar energy for businesses will stabilize the rising cost of energy and offer a good rate of return. With multiple solar energy tax incentives and rebate programs, organizations can greatly reduce the upfront investment cost and realize an excellent financial rate of return.

At Soorya Unlimited, we have experience managing the complexities of solar energy incentives to maximize your solar energy financial benefit:

Cash rebates
State and federal tax credits
State tax credits and incentives
Local rebate programs (PBIs)
Renewable energy credits
Favorable financing and loans
Grant programs
Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS)
Property Tax Abatements
Other solar energy incentives
Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

Differentiate your business with clean energy stewardship

It is becoming increasingly common for consumers to make buying decisions based on a company’s environmental policy. A recent study on consumer perception and purchasing behavior found that over 60% of consumers said that they prefer to purchase from environmentally responsible companies1.

In addition to being a good financial decision, solar energy for businesses supports corporate messaging and sustainability initiatives, provides a differentiator, can increase demand and help set a price premium for a company’s products and services.

At Soorya Unlimited, we provide our customers with marketing and public relations support to fully leverage their green energy stewardship in their marketing efforts.

Hedge against rising energy costs

A solar energy system can greatly reduce or even eliminate your company’s exposure to rising commercial electricity rates and unfavorable utility rate structures. Many utilities are implementing time of use (TOU) and tiered rate structures, which can be extremely costly if your business’s energy use is a significant portion of your overhead or your business or commercial building uses a good deal of electricity. You can cut business energy costs with solar energy whether you purchase the system outright or finance it. Investment in solar energy is equivalent to pre-paying for your electricity at a fraction of current utility rates and allows you to lock in a favorable electricity rate for many years to come.

Installing a solar energy system on your commercial building or site will allow you to turn your variable electricity costs into a fixed cost on your balance sheet and reduce your long-term operating expenses. Favorable tax treatment and depreciation schedule can reduce further improve your balance sheet.